Winter Festival

Our Winter Festival: last day of the semester
On the last day of the semester, the school was full of Christmas cheer as students, teachers, and parents came together for a day of fun activities.
The day kicked off with a jolly ‘Christmas Crier,’ followed by delightful ‘Christmas Carols” sung and played by our elementary school kids.
The middle school put on an awesome “Puppet show”. The air was filled with tunes from our Secondary School music band, and the teachers closed the event with their own musical performance.
Between these cool performances, everyone got to check out the amazing work students did throughout the semester at the ‘Learning Exhibition.’ They also joined in lots of Christmas activities, showing off their creativity.
A big thank you to everyone in our community for making this day special. Your support and participation made a difference. Notably, the money collected from the cookie sale was donated to Operation Smile Club, contributing to a cause that brings smiles to many faces.
This Winter Festival truly embodies what our school stands for—caring, celebrating together, and making a positive impact. Thanks for being a part of it!