We welcome Roberto Santos, our new Head of School!

For your information he grew up in New York but was born in the Dominican Republic.All of his higher education took place in the United States. He’s held many positions throughout his career; Headmaster, Principal, Teacher,Counsellor, IBDP Administrator, IBDP Coordinator and has held many other areas of responsibilities.He has led schools successfully and enthusiastically.

He is especially skilled at team-building and has, throughout his career, had a positive impact on the faculty, staff and students at the schools at which he has served. His open-mindedness and caring intrapersonal skills work together in creating a more understanding, communicative,peaceful and positive learning environment. He believes in the personal success of each individual and that it is our responsibility as educators to provide learning opportunities for students to achieve and practice their personal best, guiding and giving of ourselves to ensure learning for all individuals.

He believes that all children can learn and do learn. Repeatedly, this philosophy is confirmed by the tenacity and dedication shown by students which have impacted him during his years of teaching and educational leadership.Mr. Santos comes to ISE during a time of transition and new beginnings. He is up for the job and we are delighted to have him here.