Three Days of Fun, Creativity, and Learning!

Day 2 – Crazy Hat Day:
🎩 Hats were off to another exciting day of Reading Week! Tuesday was Crazy Hat Day, where students showed off their wildest hat creations while diving into the world of books. It was a blast getting creative and letting imagination run wild!
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Day 3 – Silly Sock Day: 🧦 We stepped into the world of reading with style! It was Silly Sock Day at Reading Week on Wednesday, where students flaunted their quirkiest socks while exploring new stories and adventures. We socked it to boredom and dove into the magic of books!
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Day 4 – Pajama Day: 🌙 We got ready to cozy up with a good book! Today was Pajama Day during Reading Week, where students embraced the comfort of their favorite PJs while immersing themselves in the joy of reading. We snuggled up with our favorite stories and made reading time extra special!
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