The Wai Kru Ceremony

The Wai Kru Ceremony at ISE
As we begin the new school year, it is the Thai Tradition to arrange for the Wai Kru ceremony. Wai Kru ceremony is a ceremony of students paying respect to their teachers. During the ceremony, students ask the teachers to accept them as their students and the teachers offer words of encouragement to inspire the students in their studies.
On August 31 ISE teachers and students arrange for the Wai Kru ceremony at the Fine Arts Center. The ceremony starts with everyone showing respect to the main important symbols of Thailand. Then, students bring the flower tray to show respect to each individual teacher.
The students sing the Pra-kun –tii-Sahm song to honor teachers and listen to the inspirational speech from the Head of the School. Students learn to show gratitude to their teachers while preserving the traditional culture of Thailand.