The Role of Art in Holistic Education at ISE, MRISA AX 2024 at HIS

Our secondary school students embarked on a remarkable journey on January 31st, traveling to HIS (Hanoi International School) in Hanoi to participate in MRISA. For three days, the MRISA Art Exchange offered them an unforgettable experience, immersing them in a world of diverse artistic expressions and cultural exchanges from the moment they set foot in Hanoi.
Engaging with various art forms—visual art, drama, music, and dance—our students explored their creativity and expanded their understanding of artistic traditions. Each encounter with a new art form opened doors to fresh perspectives and inspirations, nurturing their artistic development.
Visiting museums in Hanoi provided invaluable exposure to historical and contemporary art, deepening our students’ appreciation for art’s societal role and cultural identity reflection.
Beyond artistic immersion, collaborating with peers from different countries was truly extraordinary. Through shared projects and performances, they not only learned about each other’s cultures but also forged lasting connections that transcended borders.
The MRISA Art Exchange wasn’t just about honing skills; it fostered cultural understanding, empathy, and global citizenship. Our students returned home as more skilled artists and ambassadors of cultural exchange, with a broader worldview and international friendships.
In essence, the MRISA Art Exchange was a transformative journey empowering our students to embrace diversity, celebrate creativity, and cultivate lifelong connections worldwide.