MRISA and Sports


The mission of the ISE Competitive Sports Program is to provide athletes with the opportunity to electively represent the school and compete interscholastically in a wide variety of sports. It is our hope that each athlete will experience the challenges and triumphs that are unique to sport.  ISE competitive sports provide a supportive atmosphere in which coaches challenge the intellectual and physical abilities of our athletes, foster strength of character, and encourage concern for others, while having fun.  It is our goal that the athletic experience of each student will be framed within a context that instills self-discipline, dedication, passion, pride in performance, respect for others, and a lifelong love of sport through sports competition.


Participation in sport is an integral part of the overall program at ISE. All our students should be involved in some athletic endeavor in addition to their classes, clubs and activities. Irrespective of scores or outcomes, participating in sports can, in itself, be rewarded enough. At ISE we encourage each of our students to develop her/his character and personality by demonstrating qualities such as stamina, commitment, determination and a sense of fair play. These virtues can then be applied to other aspects of life away from the sporting areas and help make them responsible global citizens.


The Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) was formed in 1998 and ISE joined in 2001. MRISA governs sports tournaments and arts festivals held between its member schools.

The six MRISA schools are:

  1. United Nations International School of Hanoi (Vietnam)

  2. Hanoi International School (Vietnam)

  3.  Saigon South International School (Vietnam)

  4.  International School of Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  5.  Vientiane International School (Laos)

  6.  International School Eastern Seaboard (Thailand)

Six MRISA sports tournaments are held throughout each school year allowing MRISA Middle School and High School athletes to compete internationally in basketball, football and volleyball. These tournaments provide opportunities for students from different schools in our region to come together, play sports, and make new friends. Participants enjoy safe, organized, and competitive matches while developing friendships and improving their skills and appreciation of sport. Swimming Invitational Meetings are also held annually by some MRISA schools.

A MRISA Arts Festival also takes place once a year and alternates between member schools. Each arts festival has a specific theme which provides the focus for the workshops and performances presented. MRISA sponsors the Model United Nations program that is hosted in Hanoi. This assembly brings students from the six schools together to role play United Nations delegates while proposing and debating resolutions based on each year’s theme.

MRISA 2023-2024 Events
Host School
Senior Volleyball
ISPP, Cambodia
October 24-29,2023
Junior Basketball
SSIS, Vietnam
November 16-20,2023
Senior Basketball
UNIS, Vietnam
February 21-24,2024
U11 Football
SSIS, Vietnam
December 3-5,2023
Art Festival
HIS, Vietnam
January 31-February 3,2024
Junior Football
ISPP, Cambodia
March 6-9,2024
Senior Football
KIS, Thailand
April 22-25,2024

Eastern Seaboard Athletic Conference (ESAC): ISE also participates in ESAC. This organization of neighboring schools affords our students a chance to compete in games and tournaments with other international schools in our region. The ESAC program is extended to include primary students.

Seniors Volleyball 2022-2023 @ SSIS, Vietnam

ART Festival 2022-2023 @ ISE, Thailand

Seniors Basketball 2022-2023 @ VIS, Laos

Junior Basketball 2019-2020

Junior Football 2019-2020

Senior Volleyball 2018-2019