After School Activities

After School Activities (ASA) are available from 3:15 to 4:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for students from KG to Grade 12. The primary goal of ASA is to offer an additional learning platform in a safe and enjoyable environment, catering to our students’ interests and fostering their engagement. A diverse range of activities spanning sports and wellness, music, art, technology, language, and social and environmental awareness are offered. These activities are led by our experienced ISE teachers, teaching assistants, and external providers.

The ASA schedule for the second season of this school year  2023-2024 is available below.


Our music classes aim to enhance students’ language skills, self-esteem, listening abilities, social interaction, stress relief, confidence, and memory improvement.


Through a variety of class offerings, students are introduced to a wide range of media expiration while being encouraged to develop their own visual style.


Besides health benefits, sport gives children’s the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life.

Elementary School

Spanish Elizabeth
Outdoor Games& Play Sean
Movies and Play Lucy
Snack ClubJintana
Attention and Concentration Development Geade2Robotixar
3D Pen Robotixar Grade 2-4
Animation LabRobotixar
3D PenRobotixar Grade 4-5
Animation LabRobotixar Grade 2-4
Science for Kids Alison/Barbara
Tennis Howdy Family Tennis
Fun with Fairy Tale Movie Lisa
Paper Mache Jim
Drama Club John

Secondary School

Singing John
Non-Thai Jimol
EE and IA Help Mandy
Volleyball Roy
Science Armin
EE and IA Help Kevin S.
Football / Soccer Nick
Visual arts homework tutorialLucy
ScrabbleKevin S.
Gaming for study:Jeopardy,Kahoot, Chat GPTMandy
U19 VballRichard
Table TennisGuy
Poems and PoetryGlenn
Operation SmileElisabel