Service Conference @NIST Bangkok

The 13th service Conference @NIST Bangkok, with 7 of our Grade 11 students attending for the 3 days from Friday 15th until Sunday 17th September 2023
“We had a wonderful and very memorable time. We worked with 11 other schools and with over 200 student delegates, including advocates and charities from all over the world. This conference and its subsequent action points really do celebrate the very best that we can do when humanity collaborates across all borders. An astonishing success all around, with many exciting future projects now in the pipeline.” (Mr. Sharpe)
Here is a testimony of one ISE student
“I was surprised by how many people attended voluntarily to the conference. It was inspiring to witness such a diverse group of individuals coming together, exchanging ideas, and engaging in meaningful discussions. I believe that it was a good opportunity for me to learn more about different perspectives and gain new insights from people with varied backgrounds and experiences. The conference provided a platform for collaboration and building connections with students from other schools, allowing me to expand my network and create potential opportunities for future speeches or collaborations.” (Jaehee)