Halloween in the Burapha neighborhood

ISE is blessed to have the Burapha neighborhood just outside the school. Homes in Burapha opened their doors to the kids from the community, ISE, and the surrounding area to celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating. Over thirty children participated in the activity and traveled around the neighborhood in vehicles, pickup trucks, and golf carts. The first home beside the Burapha entrance offered its front yard for the welcoming party with festive decorations and cupcakes. More excitingly, there were spooky lights flickering in an abandoned guard house, giving off an eerie vibe. The kids were so excited that they exclaimed that it was their best Halloween ever!
An international school that can share experiences in the neighborhood and interact with them is the ideal setting for the children to learn internationalism, open-mindedness, and community values such as sharing, caring, and kindness. Halloween in Burapha is not only an extremely fun experience but also offers a lot of learning opportunities.