Exploring the wild side! Khao Kaew Open Zoo

A group of elementary school students had a blast on their recent zoo trip, diving into hands-on learning that sparks curiosity and deepens understanding. From fostering empathy for wildlife to igniting scientific inquiry, these experiences are more than just fun outings—they’re invaluable for holistic student development. 📚✨
Field trips, such as the recent visit to the zoo by the G3 and G4 classes, play a crucial role in the holistic development of students, especially at this age. Experiential learning opportunities like these offer more than just a break from the traditional classroom setting; they provide invaluable real-world encounters that stimulate curiosity and deepen understanding. Interacting with animals in their habitats not only fosters a sense of empathy and appreciation for wildlife but also promotes scientific inquiry and critical thinking. Moreover, such experiences help students develop important social skills, as they collaborate with peers and engage in discussions about the observations made during the trip. Overall, outings like these offer a dynamic educational experience that enriches the academic curriculum and leaves a lasting impact on student’s personal and intellectual growth.