Discovering Heritage: ISE Korean Students Explore Bangkok’s Korean Cultural Center!

 Yesterday, ISE Korean students in Language “A” took a cultural journey to Bangkok, immersing themselves in the vibrant ambiance of the Korean Cultural Center! 🇰🇷✨ From traditional hanbok to exciting cultural activities, they cherished every moment reconnecting with their roots. 🌸💫 Swipe to read reflections from some of our students!
“This trip was a refreshing experience, getting out of the comfort zone, moving out from the repeating every day. It was more interesting because it was taking a deeper look on my own culture, so I was able to learn new things about my culture. I thought this was good because I think I should know pretty well about my own culture, so it was nice to learn about it. Also, the place itself was pretty cool and fun so the things outside of learning about my culture were also fun.” TY
“On this trip, I learned about su muk hwa, Mokpan hwa, and jok ja in the Korean culture center. I didn’t know about su mok hwa, Mokpan hwa, and jok ja but I visited the Korean culture center. After I visited the Korean culture center I visited a Korean town and ate lunch there. The food was very delicious.”BJ