Chia Tai Farm: Field Trip Grade 10-11 @Chiang Mai

Hands-On Learning Adventure: ISE Students Explore “Chia Tai Farm Chiang Mai”
G10 and G11 students at ISE went on a great educational journey to “Chia Thai Farm” in Chiang Mai. This field trip, a part of ISE’s annual series of educational excursions, offered more than just a day out of the classroom; it was a special chance for our students to delve into the practical aspects of agricultural life.”
They experienced the day-to-day operations of a working dairy farm 🥛, gaining firsthand knowledge of the real processes involved.
This trip exemplifies ISE’s commitment to hands-on learning, providing our students with an immersive experience that deepens their understanding of Thailand’s rich cultural and natural heritage.”
Don’t miss this short video showcasing our students actively engaging and absorbing knowledge during this unforgettable day!