Celebrating University Enrollments: Haneul’s Inspiring Journey

At ISE, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students, and today, we’re thrilled to celebrate Haneul’s outstanding success. With his dedication, hard work, and the supportive environment at ISE, Haneul has been accepted into two renowned universities:
Michigan State University: Computer Science Program
Milwaukee School of Engineering: Computer Science Program
Haneul’s involvement in NEST, UNICEF, and Operation Smile showcases his commitment to community service and leadership. His significant contribution to the Operation Smile mission trip in northern Thailand is a testament to his compassionate spirit and desire to make a meaningful impact.
We commend Haneul for his achievements and are confident that he will excel in his academic and future endeavors. Congratulations, Haneul, on taking this significant step towards shaping a promising future in technology and innovation. Your ISE family is incredibly proud of you and looks forward to following your journey!