Celebrating Unity and Diversity at ISE!

Dear ISE Community,
We hope that everyone enjoyed International Day!
The amount of support and collaboration that we witnessed the weeks and days leading up to the event has been incredible.
Thank you to everyone involved in creating such a memorable day.
A special thank you to:
The amazing Thai community involving all our wonderful Thai teachers, staff, TAs, faculty and parents – what would we do without your constant support? The Thai teachers and TAs are always in the forefront of all our events. Thank you for the lovely performances and the amazing booths and decorations. You are the heart of our school! An extra shout out to Khun Ning for communicating everything to everyone.
Mr. Wilson for managing everything on stage. What would we have done without your directions?
Tae Jun, Aryn, Yeon Joo, and every other student who was backstage helping everything run as smoothly as possible. Boss for managing the sound and light for all the performances. Kohane and Kyle for braving the stage and being the best MCs! It was their first time MCing a big event!
All the performers who went up on stage and gave us a memorable performance.
The teachers for everything you do for us!
Khun Sai for capturing our special moments.
Student volunteers who helped move things along.
The PTA for always being supportive and providing us with the best international buffet in the Eastern Seaboard.
I apologize if I missed out on anyone but I send out my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all your support.
International Day has always been a very special event at ISE. We hope that we can continue this beautiful tradition of celebrating our diverse caring community.
Thank you very much everyone!
Yours Sincerely,
So Hyoung An