Celebrating Joo Ah Park’s Remarkable Achievements at ISE!

We are overjoyed to share the fantastic news about one of our distinguished students, Joo Ah Park. Joo Ah has not only been accepted to two prestigious universities in Hong Kong but has also demonstrated exceptional leadership and involvement at ISE.

Joo Ah has been accepted to City University Hong Kong for a Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology and Sociology and to Hong Kong University for its Bachelor of Science program. These achievements reflect her academic diligence and passion for learning.

Beyond her academic success, Joo Ah has been an influential leader in our school community. She served as the president of the Student Council, demonstrating her commitment to student governance and community engagement.

As the president of the OMG Science Club and the UNICEF Club, Joo Ah has shown her dedication to science and humanitarian causes, inspiring her peers and contributing significantly to our school’s extracurricular landscape.

Joo Ah’s journey at ISE, marked by leadership, academic excellence, and social responsibility, is truly inspiring. We are excited to see her embark on her next academic adventure in Hong Kong, and we are confident that she will continue to achieve greatness.