Celebrating Compassion and Community

ISE’s Support for Operation Smile Thailand with ourfantastic Water Festival
As we honor 30 years of excellence in education at the International School of Eastern Seaboard (ISE), we also celebrate our enduring commitment to giving back to the community. Since 2005, ISE has been a proud supporter of Operation Smile Thailand, a testament to our community’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of children in need.
Through a variety of fundraising activities, from our energetic Walkathons to the vibrant Water Festival events, the ISE community has come together year after year to collect funds for Operation Smile Thailand. These funds go directly towards life-changing surgeries for children, giving them a new smile and a fresh start in life.
🚶‍♂️💦 Our commitment goes beyond just donations; it’s about involvement, empathy, and action. We are immensely proud of the enthusiasm and commitment our students, parents, teachers, and staff have shown towards supporting such a noble cause. It’s a reflection of our values and the impact we aspire to make beyond our school walls.
We’re also grateful for the donations made last week. Let’s continue to support, smile, and make a difference together. Our journey with Operation Smile Thailand is a beautiful reminder of the power of community and compassion in shape brighter futures.