Celebrating Academic Excellence at ISE!

Today at ISE, we are honored to spotlight the remarkable journey of one of our brightest stars in the realm of science Tae Jun Park. Joining us in the 10th grade from Korea, this student has not only showcased incredible academic prowess but also successfully integrated into our diverse community with commendable ease and enthusiasm.

Arriving from Korea, his journey at ISE has been a blend of exceptional academic dedication and active participation in sports and clubs, notably NEST. His drive and commitment have set a new benchmark for academic excellence within our school.

We are pleased to announce that his outstanding academic grades in science have already secured his acceptance into some of the world’s most prestigious universities (to be mentioned later). This achievement is a testament to the nurturing and challenging environment at ISE, where we strive to empower every student to reach their full potential, whether it be in academics, sports, the arts, or technology.

Let’s celebrate Tae Jun’s incredible accomplishments and the promising future that awaits them. Their journey at ISE is a powerful illustration of how talent, combined with the right guidance and opportunities, can lead to extraordinary achievements.