ISE welcomes our students back to school for a Happy New Year 2023!

ISE welcomes our students back to school for a Happy New Year 2023! Students and teachers returned to school on January 9th for a new semester of active learning to become self-directed thinkers, empowered life-long learners, effective communicators and responsible global citizens.

Winter Festival 2022

On Friday 16th we celebrated WINTER FESTIVAL with a lot of activities, performances, an Art and Learning Gallery, games, music, and dances. Our students and teachers appreciated all the parents sharing this time with us! Wishing you a restful holiday season with lots of love, peace, and happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Workshop Elementary school’s Parents

On Wednesday, elementary school parents attended the school to participate in a workshop : Standards-based curriculum, assessments and reporting at ISE. Was a pleasure to see them involved and participating in their children’s education.


To raise awareness of the issue of children’s rights and to promote the excellent work of UNICEF, UNICEF ISE invited all students and staff members of the community to dress in the organization’s blue color on November 21st. And the same week ISE UNICEF prepared a workshop with elementary school students  focused on Goal 11: […]

MRISA High School Volleyball

MRISA High School Volleyball finished today. Our team did a great job. CONGRATULATIONS ! our girls team got third place. We are proud of them.

Family Fun Fair 2022

Family Fun Fair 2022 Last Saturday, Nov 12th was a wonderful day for our school. People from all areas of our community were present. Our school became a light in our community. Thank you, PTA, for your work and dedication to the event.  A fun time was had by all, with performances, different games, raffle prizes, and […]

Loykrathong Festival

Loykrathong Festival at ISE 2022 was celebrated on November 8th, to understand and preserve one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. ISE students learned about the Loykrathong festival in their Thai classes. They made the Krathong during Thai class or Art class time. Students learned   to float the Krathong as a simulation of the Loykrathong night. Thai students wore the Thai costume or […]

First tournament at Rugby School

The ISE Boys and Girls  had their first tournament on Saturday, 5 November, at Rugby School Thailand after two years without participation in any sport activity out of the school.  .  It provided valuable experience for the boys as they developed personally and as a team, considering their next trip to Vietnam for MRISA  games  on Nov 17th […]

Faculty In-Service Day

On Service Day, Nov 4th our teachers and staff were really busy during the day, They had two sessions of work. In the morning after Mr Santos’ words about the EARCOS Conference (October 26th to 28th)  in Bangkok , Mrs Allison Donohue and Mrs Kelly Potisit  talked about their experience and introduced the topic of […]

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Last Wednesday, Nov 2nd  our Pastor Stuart Ashford  offered to ISE teachers and staff a workshop  about Safeguarding and Child Protection. This workshop is the first to inform, update  and involve  the community on this important topic.