Service Day: The Dog Shelter

Our dedicated students selected a dog shelter for their service day, where they had the wonderful opportunity to be in direct contact with the dogs . They observed how the dogs live and are cared for, and took part in their daily routines by bathing, feeding, and playing with them. Through this experience, our students […]

Discovering Science: High School and IB Students Visit TANATEX Chemicals

The journey of learning led our High School and IB Chemistry students straight to the heart of TANATEX Chemicals. Their day was set to uncover the practical side of their academic studies in a real-world setting. Clad in bright safety vests and protective goggles, they embarked on a hands-on exploration of science in action. It […]

From Aerospace Innovations to the Wonders of the Universe at ISE

Our space exploration continues! After our high school students diving into the high-tech world of aerospace at Qarbon, our students from G1 and G5 had the exhilarating opportunity to reach for the stars at the Regional Observatory for Public, Chachoengsao Adventures in Astronomy: G1 and G5 students embarked on a cosmic journey, gazing through telescopes […]

Exploring Heritage at Tanfarmdee in Chonburi!

Our Thai Language A students recently embarked on an eye-opening journey to Tanfarmdee in Chonburi. We believe that hands-on learning experiences like these are crucial for expanding students’ understanding. Through practical application, they not only encounter real-world challenges but also discover new dimensions of knowledge. Learning Beyond Borders At our school, we’re committed to fostering […]

Celebrating Academic Excellence at ISE!

Today at ISE, we are honored to spotlight the remarkable journey of one of our brightest stars in the realm of science Tae Jun Park. Joining us in the 10th grade from Korea, this student has not only showcased incredible academic prowess but also successfully integrated into our diverse community with commendable ease and enthusiasm. […]

Celebrating Exceptional Talent at ISE! 

Celebrating Exceptional Talent at ISE! We are incredibly proud to share the journey of one of our most gifted students, who began her ISE adventure at the age of 3, following in the footsteps of her siblings, both ISE alumni. Her path has been one of extraordinary dedication and artistic prowess. Her recent victories in […]

 Congratulations to Maia! 

🌟🎓 Congratulations to Maia! 🎓🌟   We’re thrilled to share the wonderful news that Maia has been accepted into Carleton University in Ottawa, where she can pursue her passion for Cognitive Sciences and Psychology. She’s eagerly awaiting responses from other universities she applied to as well. 🧠📚   Maia joined our ISE family to embark […]

The Wai Kru Ceremony

The Wai Kru Ceremony at ISE As we begin the new school year, it is the Thai Tradition to arrange for the Wai Kru ceremony. Wai Kru ceremony is a ceremony of students paying respect to their teachers. During the ceremony, students ask the teachers to accept them as their students and the teachers offer […]

The Group 4 Science projects

Yesterday (14 February) ISE Grade 11 students completed their Group 4 Science projects, as part of the IB Diploma Programme. The Group 4 project is a collaborative activity to solve a specific scientific challenge. The class formed 8 groups and worked on a challenge for a total of 10 hours over the past week. They […]

ISE chess champions

Congratulations to our ISE chess champions! It is always great to reward hard work by handing out the Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll certificates for high academic achievement. Even better when we do it during Spirit Week when some of our students are dressed in costumes!