Midterm Parents-Teacher Conference

Today, we had ISE parents visiting the school to talk with their children’s teachers, making it a successful event across all grade levels. Parent-teacher conferences are essential for students of all ages. In elementary school, they offer parents early insights to nurture foundational skills, while in secondary school, they facilitate dialogue to tailor guidance for […]

Grade 1: A mock Presidency Election

At ISE, Grade 1 held a mock presidency election on Friday, September 29th as a culminating assessment of their Unit: Government. Each student created a campaign reflecting their core values and strengths. Students ran for the positions of President of Caring, President of Spelling, President of Art, and President of Helpfulness. The Grade 1 students prepared […]

Field Trip to Pattaya City Hall (Grade 1 and Grade 5)

In their unit studies about community service and government systems, the Grade 1 and Grade 5 students made a special visit to Pattaya City Hall to see how a local government runs a large city and takes care of the many different needs of its citizens. We were fortunate enough to meet the Secretary General […]