Capturing Creativity: A Glimpse into the Year 5 Self-Expression Photography Exhibit

A look back at the Self-Expression Photography Exhibit with our Year 5 students! We explored unique perspectives and stories through their lenses. It was an interesting journey into the world of creativity, celebrating their vision and the power of photography to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. A sincere thank you to everyone who joined […]

Celebrating Success at ISE!

On April 5th, we came together to celebrate the achievements of our students during the ISE 2024 MRISA & ESAC sports . It was a day of pride and joy as our secondary school students, parents, and the ISE community gathered to honor the hard work and dedication of our young achievers. From the bright […]

Joyful Songkran Celebration at ISE! “

Joyful Songkran Celebration at ISE! Today, we had a great Songkran Celebration before a short school holiday. Huge thanks to the Thai teachers and TAs for organizing this immersive experience where we explored various aspects of Thai culture. From the Water Ceremony symbolizing respect for the new year to engaging in traditional activities like music, […]

Exploring Nature:

Our PreK students had an unforgettable adventure at Tamdefarm! From petting rabbits to feeding goats, they immersed themselves in hands-on animal interactions. These experiences cultivate empathy and ignite a lifelong love for animals.

Celebrating Unity and Diversity at ISE!

Dear ISE Community, We hope that everyone enjoyed International Day! The amount of support and collaboration that we witnessed the weeks and days leading up to the event has been incredible. Thank you to everyone involved in creating such a memorable day. A special thank you to: The amazing Thai community involving all our wonderful […]

A Great Adventure: Exploring the Dolphinarium

Last Friday, our second graders embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Dolphinarium, where they were immersed in the enchanting world of dolphins. Excitement filled the air as the children eagerly awaited the day’s activities, and little did they know that they were in for an extraordinary experience. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly […]

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Thank you to all the parents who attended today. Parent-teacher conferences are more than just a meeting; they’re a crucial moment in your child’s educational journey. From setting goals to addressing challenges, these interactions between home and school pave the way for academic success and personal growth. Let’s collaborate, communicate, and support our students together!

Magical Evening at ISE International School with ‘Matilda’

ISE middle schoolers embarked on a cultural journey starting with a Thai tea ceremony at Baan Dusit Thani, delving into Thai traditions. The highlight was ‘Matilda The Musical’, a blend of art and learning. ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl, a tale of a bright girl navigating challenges with her family and school, has transcended its book […]

From Matilda to Thai Tea: A Cultural Extravaganza!

Some of our middle schoolers had a magical evening watching Matilda The Musical! But first, a delightful stop at Baan Dusit Thani for some traditional Thai tea . They discovered the importance of tea in Thai culture while creating unforgettable memories with friends!

“Preparing for Success!

Our seniors are gearing up for their IB evaluations in May with a two-week Mocks exams period. This opportunity allows them to familiarize themselves with real past papers and assess their preparedness. Your support during this crucial time is invaluable as we work to ensure our students are ready to excel.