A Warm Welcome to Our ISE Family at the Open House, April 4th!

What a fantastic turnout at our recent Open House! A big thank you to the parents, students, and the many walk-in prospective families who visited ISE. Your interest in our school community is what makes events like these truly special. We were delighted to offer a tour of our campus and an open invitation to […]

Congratulations to our newest National Honor Society inductees!

Today was a joyous occasion for us, as we celebrated the induction of three young ladies and their proud parents into the ISE chapter of the NHS: Yeonjoo and Mei from Grade 11, and Lily from Grade 10. They will join our esteemed current members, Joo Ah, Claudia, Boss, Aryn, Honoka, and Taejun. The NHS […]

Discovering Heritage: ISE Korean Students Explore Bangkok’s Korean Cultural Center!

 Yesterday, ISE Korean students in Language “A” took a cultural journey to Bangkok, immersing themselves in the vibrant ambiance of the Korean Cultural Center! From traditional hanbok to exciting cultural activities, they cherished every moment reconnecting with their roots. Swipe to read reflections from some of our students! “This trip was a refreshing experience, getting […]

A Glimpse into the Future of Aerospace Technology for ISE Students

We recently had the privilege of taking our curious students from the International School of Eastern Seaboard (ISE) on an eye-opening educational visit to Qarbon, a leading innovator in the aerospace industry. Discoveries Made: Our students explored the fascinating world of carbon fibers and carbon composite materials, uncovering their critical role in modern commercial aircraft. […]

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Thank you to all the parents who attended today. Parent-teacher conferences are more than just a meeting; they’re a crucial moment in your child’s educational journey. From setting goals to addressing challenges, these interactions between home and school pave the way for academic success and personal growth. Let’s collaborate, communicate, and support our students together!

Celebrating Global Achievements at ISE International School!

Our Grade 12 seniors are soaring to new heights with early university offers from across the globe , accompanied by scholarships. From the innovation-driven campuses in North America to Europe’s prestigious institutions, the vibrant academic communities in Asia, and the dynamic universities in Australia, our students are making their mark worldwide. Each offer is a […]

Magical Evening at ISE International School with ‘Matilda’

ISE middle schoolers embarked on a cultural journey starting with a Thai tea ceremony at Baan Dusit Thani, delving into Thai traditions. The highlight was ‘Matilda The Musical’, a blend of art and learning. ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl, a tale of a bright girl navigating challenges with her family and school, has transcended its book […]

ISE’s Journey to Excellence: WASC Accreditation Renewal

We’re in the midst of an exciting time at ISE! Our WASC accreditation renewal process is happening right now, and it’s a golden opportunity to showcase our commitment to educational excellence. Engagement and Collaboration We’ve been engaging in critical conversations with WASC representatives, alongside our invaluable parents, teachers, students, and community stakeholders. These discussions are […]

“Preparing for Success!

Our seniors are gearing up for their IB evaluations in May with a two-week Mocks exams period. This opportunity allows them to familiarize themselves with real past papers and assess their preparedness. Your support during this crucial time is invaluable as we work to ensure our students are ready to excel.

Three Days of Fun, Creativity, and Learning!

Day 2 – Crazy Hat Day: Hats were off to another exciting day of Reading Week! Tuesday was Crazy Hat Day, where students showed off their wildest hat creations while diving into the world of books. It was a blast getting creative and letting imagination run wild! Share your craziest hats and favorite reads with […]