Capturing Creativity: A Glimpse into the Year 5 Self-Expression Photography Exhibit

A look back at the Self-Expression Photography Exhibit with our Year 5 students! We explored unique perspectives and stories through their lenses. It was an interesting journey into the world of creativity, celebrating their vision and the power of photography to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. A sincere thank you to everyone who joined […]

The OB Playground, Designed by Grade 1

On April 5th, the first-grade students presented their community design project in front of the entire elementary school as the culmination of the fourth unit, Innovation and Design. Design is a meaningful process through which they can improve their critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration. They explored the school community, identifying needs […]

Exploring Nature:

Our PreK students had an unforgettable adventure at Tamdefarm! From petting rabbits to feeding goats, they immersed themselves in hands-on animal interactions. These experiences cultivate empathy and ignite a lifelong love for animals.

A Great Adventure: Exploring the Dolphinarium

Last Friday, our second graders embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Dolphinarium, where they were immersed in the enchanting world of dolphins. Excitement filled the air as the children eagerly awaited the day’s activities, and little did they know that they were in for an extraordinary experience. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly […]

From Matilda to Thai Tea: A Cultural Extravaganza!

Some of our middle schoolers had a magical evening watching Matilda The Musical! But first, a delightful stop at Baan Dusit Thani for some traditional Thai tea . They discovered the importance of tea in Thai culture while creating unforgettable memories with friends!

Three Days of Fun, Creativity, and Learning!

Day 2 – Crazy Hat Day: Hats were off to another exciting day of Reading Week! Tuesday was Crazy Hat Day, where students showed off their wildest hat creations while diving into the world of books. It was a blast getting creative and letting imagination run wild! Share your craziest hats and favorite reads with […]

Why Reading Books Matters

Reading Book Week isn’t just about celebration; it’s a vital tool for promoting literacy, sparking creativity, and nurturing a lifelong love for learning. Through the immersive experience of books, students not only enhance their reading skills but also broaden their perspectives and empower themselves as confident learners. By engaging in collaborative activities like decorating classroom […]

G5’s passion for sustainability is shining bright!

Last Friday, G5 hosted an exhibition on green cities, diving into the theme of “Energy sources and consumption affect how we live.” From exploring the impact of the Industrial Revolution on fossil fuel consumption to advocating for renewable energy solutions, they’re leading the charge towards a greener future. Don’t miss out on their insightful findings!

Exploring the wild side! Khao Kaew Open Zoo

A group of elementary school students had a blast on their recent zoo trip, diving into hands-on learning that sparks curiosity and deepens understanding. From fostering empathy for wildlife to igniting scientific inquiry, these experiences are more than just fun outings—they’re invaluable for holistic student development. Field trips, such as the recent visit to the […]

Journey Through Time: G1 Exhibition Reflections

Yesterday, our G1 students showcased their insightful reflections on the theme ‘We live in time and place’ at our exhibition. Through exploring their own lives and the rich tapestry of history, they delved into the profound questions of where we come from and where we’re headed. Join us in celebrating their exploration of ‘time being’ […]