Admissions Procedures

Admission Procedures

 For Elementary / Middle / High School

The family completes the application. Once completed, all relevant documentation is submitted to Admissions. Documents: · Application · School transcripts and/or reports · Confidential evaluation · Health form · Photos (passport size) · Any formal evaluations or reports High School applications – relevant assessment will be completed to prepare a personalized learning plan for the students.

Admissions office shares completed file with Principal. The principal will review files and make recommendations within 24 hours.

Admissions Office informs the family of enrolment decision. The first day of school can be one working day after the parents have accepted the offer of admissions. This will allow teachers a day to prepare the classroom and materials. For Middle School and High School Students: Families will be sent a course offering guide with the acceptance letter. Families will need to inform admissions of class choices at the time of offer acceptance