University and Careers Support

ISE offers individualized guidance and support for university entrance to universities across the globe and there is a designated counselor for their expertise in this process.  ISE students have a strong tradition of entrance to the most competitive universities in Thailand, the UK Europe, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia, and the USA. However, we recognize that no two students are the same and that assumptions should never be made. We operate our own metric of success which does not simply involve statistics about entrance to only the most traditional universities – we understand that there is so much more to success than this. ISE instead offers an individualized preparation programme which is overseen by our counselor and supported by subject specialists from the relevant department. Support may include talks by current university students, and alumni, extra reading and classes, debates, mock interviews, and practice papers.

Gr 11 & G12 students have access to expert advice about how their university and higher education choices will best aid successful careers and fulfilling lives at university and beyond. The Careers team organizes speakers and events designed to put students in touch with the world of work and higher education. ISE’s own Careers Fair brings together a range of professionals who talk to small groups of Gr 11 & G 12 students about their field of experience and expertise.

Throughout the year, the school welcomes representatives from universities in Thailand and around the world. These visits provide our students with the opportunity to receive first-hand information and demonstrate to the university representatives the quality of learning and facilities available to them.

Course selection is an important step in defining who a student is, wants to be, and goes. Group and one-to-one meetings are arranged to discuss subject choices, and support and guide undecided and confused students. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses academically is an integral part of deciding which courses are best suited to the individual student.

Support for IELTS, and SAT preparation is also offered to students. Students have access to a range of resources through the Careers and University Guidance Library, Bridge-U our online application research platform.

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