Virtual School

ISE will maintain a contingency plan for continued learning when we will have the need to close the campus. During a campus closure, we will use a combination of internet tools and resources to connect students, to the best we can, to their classroom teachers and peers. It is our aim to continue the teaching and the learning. We do acknowledge that it cannot take the place of in-person teaching and learning but we will strive to make the virtual learning experiences engaging and as meaningful as possible. Below you will find a general overview of how ISE Virtual School will function. Specific information, such as schedules, will be provided to all students and families. If you have any questions specific to your child, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher through an email or by calling the school office for an appointment. 


ISE will use several platforms to communicate with students and families: email, Line, The Blast, Toddle and Seesaw. All faculty and staff are available through email. 

Delivery of Instruction

Zoom will be the main tool to give live, direct instruction, as well as to connect and build community. Older students will use Google Classroom to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Some classes will use other interactive digital tools such as Flipgrid, a tool for formative assessment and for supporting interactive class video dialogue. For our younger students in Elementary, they will use Toddle (KG-5) and Seesaw (Pre-K) as their main virtual school tool. These platforms will be used to communicate with students and families, to post work for the day, for students to share their learning and for teachers and families to offer feedback. 

Individual teachers will use additional digital tools as necessary for their particular class. Teachers will also give the details of how students submit their work. Possible methods include sending by email, submission on Google Classroom, sharing a Google Doc, posting in Toddle or Seesaw. 

Every week, learning materials will be delivered by our school drivers to students’ homes as needed. 

Student Services

During school closure, we will continue to deliver student services such as EAL and College Counseling. 

Student Guidelines/Expectations for Digital Learning

  1. Attend your online class on time. Be mindful of your schedule. 
  2. Always dress appropriately, as if you are going to school on a non-uniform day. If you wish to wear an ISE uniform for motivation, you are welcome to do so. 
  3. Choose a space away from distractions. It has to be a comfortable desk/workspace with easy access to your materials and to internet connection. 
  4. Be mindful that items of personal nature, such as beds and bathrooms, are not in the camera’s view. If needed, use a Zoom background, with your teacher’s approval. 
  5. Always maintain respectful, attentive behavior and engage in positive interactions with everyone in your online class. 
  6. Refrain from using your mobile phone or other unnecessary technology during an online class. 
  7. Reach out to an adult you trust if you feel unsafe, stressed or needing emotional support. 
  8. Make all effort to contact your teacher prior to the online session if you are having technical challenges or if you are not feeling well. 
  9. Your teacher will have additional expectations, depending on your grade. Be aware of these. 
  10. Note that all sessions are recorded to support asynchronous learning (students in different time zones or cannot join for a particular reason) and for safeguarding purposes. These recordings are not made publicly available.