Name and Role:

My name is Prareena Khamaarpakamon. I teach language courses grades 7-10 and IB Thai grades 11-12.


  • 1997 | Buakhao Senior High School, Kalasin- GPA 3.25
  • 2002| Bachelor of Educationin Thai Language, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok- GPA 2.83
  • 2006| Graduate Diploma (Teaching Profession) in Educational Administration, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok- GPA 3.61
  • 2008| Master of Educationin Educational Administration, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok – GPA 3.63


  • 2002| Thai class teacher, primarylevel, 4th-6thyear, Rujisree Wittaya School.
  • 2010| Thai class teacher, primarylevel, 4th-6thyear, Saint Gabriel’s College.
  • 2011 | Thai class teacher, elementarylevel, 4th-6thyear, Saint John Mary International School, Saraburi
  • 2014-Present | A Thai class teacher at International School Eastern Seaboard, Teaching grade 7-10and grade 11-12students inInternational Baccalaureate Programme or IB Programme (IB).
  • Grade 11’s supervisor and a teacher of Extended Essay(EE) in Thai class, teaching grade 12students withcreativity, action, and service (CAS).


High School Teacher

– Devise and implementhighschool curriculum inaccordance to the school’s protocols

– Ensure that curriculum is insync withindividual student’s abilities andvaries in



– Planlessons ona dailybasis and impart instructioninclass

– Assist students incarrying out class assignments

– Checkand assess assignments and provide feedback

– Carryout student development activities ona continuous basis

– Develop and administer specific assessments to judge students’ competencylevels

– Ensure that students’ progress is directed towards objectives and expectations

– Provide counseling to students based onindividualneeds

– Manage student behavior and resolve conflicts


SKILL Teaching

– Able to teachacross allkeystages.

– Experience of working withstudents withlearning, emotional and behavioural needs.

– Strongknowledge of subject area.

– Canteachacademicallyintense curriculums.

– Abilityto learnquicklyand to be effective ina fast-paced, dynamic, and team focused environment.

– Proficient in MS Excel and Word

– Abilityto analyse data and other diagnostic informationanduse this information inplanning future lessons.

– Committed to continuous learning.

– Professional demeanour, strong workethic, and excellent organizational skills.

– Self-reflective and opento feedback.

– Having a passionand commitment to teaching and a willingness to fullyengage inthe cultural life of the school.


Teaching Philosophy or Administrative Vision:

The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the books and all students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and on the same day.

Personal Touch:

A good teacher, like a good entertainer first.